Why People Are Going Wild for Gone Rogue Grooming Co Beard Oil

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In the world of men’s grooming, there’s a seismic shift happening right here in Perth, WA. There’s a grooming revolution underway, and it’s led by none other than our latest partner, Gone Rogue Grooming Co. The brand barely had time to settle in but is already redefining the standards of beard care. At International Salon Supplies, where we pride ourselves on curating the best in the business, we’re thrilled to unveil the talk of the town with Beard Oil which is setting a new bar in beard care.

Meet the Rogue Behind the Brand


Steven, a man known for his impeccable beard, embarked on this journey because he was constantly bombarded with questions about his secret to beard greatness. When it comes to crafting the perfect beard, Steven, the mastermind behind Gone Rogue, knows a thing or two. Frustrated by the lack of impactful products, he took matters into his own hands. The result? A beard oil that’s quickly becoming the secret weapon for Perth’s sharpest beards.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes

Gone Rogue Grooming Co., take pride in their craft and have an obsession with excellence. Each bottle of their Beard Oil is not just mixed but is born from a meticulous process in their own Western Australian production space. This is where magic happens while the world sleeps, ensuring that when you wake, there’s a beard oil that assures your beard is treated to nothing less than the best.

natural ingredients in Gone Rogue Grooming Co Beard Oil

Every drop of their Beard Oil is a testament to quality and dedication. Let’s delve into its natural ingredients:

  • Almond Oil: Rich in emollients, and known for its growth-stimulating properties, it turns the unruliest of beards into a smooth masterpiece.
  • Avocado Oil: Quick to absorb and packed with skin-loving vitamins, this oil ensures your beard is soft to the touch and healthy.
  • Grape Seed Oil: This light oil doesn’t just sit on your hair; it dives deep, promoting blood circulation and bringing life to every strand.
  • Organic Sunflower Oil: Sunflower oil brings hydration without heaviness, keeping both your skin and beard in harmony.

A Beard Oil for the Everyman and Every Beard Style

Whether you’re rocking light stubble or a formidable Gandalf-style beard, Gone Rogue Grooming Co’s Beard Oil is designed for all bearded brothers. The brand has created a formula that’s versatile and effective for all beard types. It’s not just a product; it’s your secret weapon for a beard that demands attention year-round.

Here’s how to use the Gone Rogue Grooming Co Beard Oil:

  1. Begin with a towel-dried beard, post-shower.
  2. Put 4-6 drops of oil in your palm, warming it between your hands.
  3. Work the oil into your beard and underlying skin with an upward motion, not forgetting the often-neglected under chin and cheeks.
  4. Smooth down and style to your preference. Your beard is now primed to perfection.

Scents That Set You Apart

Gone Rogue Grooming Co Beard Oil-Scent

Their signature Whisky Beard Oil boasts a unique scent profile that sets it apart. With notes of grainy wood, fruity undertones, and hints of sweet caramel and tobacco, your beard will not only look impressive but also smell irresistible. It absorbs quickly, ensuring your beard is left with a subtle shine and an aroma that lingers pleasingly throughout the day.

Gone Rogue Grooming Co. – The Grooming Rebels with a Cause

At International Salon Supplies, we only team up with brands we believe in. And let me tell you, Gone Rogue is the real deal. We’re not just stocking any grooming brand. They don’t just create; they innovate, with products that are transforming beards from a mere facial feature to a centerpiece of personal style.

They’re the rebels with a cause, and that cause is to elevate your grooming experience to a completely next level. With their Whisky Beard Oil, Limitless Beard Oil, and Wooden Beard Comb already making waves, their team is far from done.

International Salon Supplies is thrilled to partner with such a trailblazing brand. We believe in their vision, their products, and their ability to transform any beard into a statement of personal pride. The Whisky Beard Oil – crafted by a man with a beard, for all the bearded legends is available now to stock in your shop. These fantastic products have a great point of difference that is sure to help keep your clients coming back, along with a great margin that will help take care of your bottom line. Contact us today to get these fantastic products on your shelves and into your customers’ beards ASAP!

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