Marmara Barber Cologne

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The Marmara Barber Cologne 400ml offerings – Omega, Delta, and Beta – each bring their unique character to the forefront, ensuring that every man finds his perfect match.
  1. Marmara Barber Omega Cologne (400ml): Inspired by oceanic and rainforest scents, this cologne originates from a 1970 formula with French essences.

  2. Marmara Barber Delta Cologne (400ml): Features a classic, refreshing scent with a bold touch, designed to protect and smooth the skin.

  3. Marmara Barber Beta Cologne (400ml): Combines bergamot, mint, fruits, and patchouli for a nature-inspired fragrance, also offering skin protection and renewal.

Each variant is tailored for different olfactory experiences while maintaining skin-friendly benefits.