Marmara Barber Cream Cologne

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The Marmara Barber After Shave Cream Cologne series blends the soothing touch of a moisturizing cream with the vibrant scents of cologne, designed for the ultimate post-shave experience.

Variants Overview:

  • Mediterranean Breeze (No. 1): A fresh blend of citrus and wind, capturing the essence of freedom.
  • Wind Squash (No. 2): A light, dreamy scent with radiant notes and a hint of lemon freshness.
  • Lemon Zest (No. 3): Vibrant lemon flavor that connects generations with its natural essence.
  • Sunny Glow (No. 4): Joyous lime, bergamot, and woody notes that radiate the sun’s warmth.

Key Benefits:

  • Moisturizes and hydrates for a smooth finish.
  • Alleviates shaving irritations including bumps and cuts.
  • Revitalizes with unique, uplifting fragrances.

The Marmara Barber Cream Cologne is your shortcut to a refreshing, hydrating post-shave ritual, offering a fragrance to match every mood and preference.