Matsukaze Dry II Sliders

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Meet the Pinnacle of Precision: Matsukaze Dry II Sliders. Tailored for stylists who demand the utmost accuracy in dry cutting, these scissors are a game-changer in delicate hair styling. Crafted in Japan from premium Japanese steel, they represent the zenith of quality and durability. The unique flat bolt with an internal bearing is meticulously sealed to block foreign particles, ensuring the pristine condition of the tool. A special driver is required for adjustments, adding an exclusive touch to its maintenance.

Specially designed for dry cutting, the Matsukaze Dry II Sliders feature a convex blade that excels in soft texturizing cuts, minimizing damage to the hair during slide cutting or slicing. Available in 5.8 inch and 6.2 inch sizes, these scissors cater to a variety of styling needs. The all-in-one bearing bolt allows you to regulate tension effortlessly, while the comfortable offset handle provides a stabilized grip for extended use.