WetBrush Shower Detangler

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Functional Features of WetBrush Shower Detangler Hair Brush for Everyday Use:

Effortless Detangling: Designed to easily untangle hair, this brush can handle wet hair in the shower, reducing the risk of breakage and discomfort.

Conditioning Distribution: Its bristles are ideal for spreading conditioners and treatments evenly, ensuring every hair strand gets the care it needs.
Scalp-Friendly Design: The OmniFlex technology allows the brush to adapt to the shape of the scalp, providing a comfortable brushing experience.
IntelliFlex Bristles: Soft, flexible bristles move through hair without pulling or tugging, making it suitable for clients with sensitive scalps or fragile hair.
Easy Cleaning: The brush’s simple design allows for quick cleaning and efficient air drying, making it a hygienic choice for salon use.
Shower Hook Handle: A practical feature for those who like to manage their hair in the shower, adding convenience to the hair care routine.
Diverse Hair Types: It’s effective on various hair types, from thick, curly hair to fine, straight strands.
Popular Choice: With over 100 million brushes sold, this product has a proven track record in customer satisfaction.
Colour Options: Available in attractive colours including purple, black, pink, and green to suit different tastes.
Why It’s a Good Salon Choice:

Including the WetBrush Shower Detangler in your salon’s product lineup offers clients a practical, everyday hair care tool. Its ability to gently detangle and distribute hair products makes it a valuable asset for maintaining healthy hair.