Lycon Spatulas Paddle Pops

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The Lycon Spatulas Paddle Pop is a professional-grade tool designed specifically for facial waxing. These disposable waxing spatulas come in packs of 100 and 500, ensuring a hygienic waxing experience with each use. Crafted from thick, sturdy wood, each spatula features a smooth finish that enhances comfort during service. The paddle pop size is perfectly suited for precise application in facial waxing procedures, making them a favorite among beauty professionals for delivering top-quality care.


  • Pack Quantity: 100/500 disposable spatulas per pack.
  • Size: Paddle pop-sized, ideal for facial waxing.
  • Material: Made from thick, sturdy wood.
  • Finish: Smooth surface for enhanced comfort during wax applications.
  • Professional Use: Designed for hygienic, professional facial waxing services.